Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random kid stories

I am fortunate enough to have my Dad be willing to watch my kids if I need him. K has become difficult to bring along to Miss M's swimming lessons so I asked my Dad if he would babysit. I now am able to actually watch Miss M's lesson and cheer her on when she does something new (which, it seems like, is every lesson these days). My Dad comes out to our house to watch K. K thinks it's fabulous to have Boppa all to himself. (M generally comments on the way to her lesson I wonder what Boppa and K are doing now?) So she's a little jealous, but K doesn't get to go swimming like she does. (Her swimming teacher showed surprise at M's progress several times today. M can swim better than I can at this point and she's only been taking lessons twice a month for 1 year.)

When it is time for Boppa to leave, he is met with this:

K locks the door and thinks that his little body is enough to keep Boppa in the house. However, the last couple of times, Daddy has come home as Boppa is preparing to leave. Then, K runs to his daddy and gives him a big hug. Back to the door, to unlock it. Bye Boppa! K shouts. He has been dismissed.


Speaking of Boppa watching K, we were at my Mom and Dad's house a week or two ago and I left K with my dad while I took Miss M to preschool. While I was gone K apparently found some of my mom's nail polish and painted his nails. My dad had removed the evidence before I got back, but he tells me that K did a remarkably good job.


Miss M and K were playing in her room this morning. She'd created a game that involved puzzle pieces and 2 shoe boxes. "Pick a box Daddy-O!" She told K. I had to ask where she got that saying from. "From the Tad movie Mom." Oh. The Leap Frog Letter Factory. It's one of the better places she's picked up an expression.

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Kate said...

Those are such cute stories! That's really nice that your dad has such a nice relationship with your kids.

Sandy said...


Isn't the grandparent/grandchild relationship wonderful? I LOVE it that my kids adore my mother-in-law.

Harmonica Man said...

Your kids are super lucky. My parents live in Duluth and my wife's dad lives in St. Louis, so grandparent visits are a big deal - and too few and far between.

Jaime said...

Everyone in our house has the Letter Factory video memorized. Kiana has started quoting it as well. As kids videos go it's one of the better ones. Brian bought her Talking Word Factory yesterday at the store and we watched it tonight. Kinda of a neat sequel to Letter Factory.

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