Friday, March 16, 2007

I look like who???

Jeff, at View From the Cloud, posted a link to an online face recognition program. I laughed when I read his results because there were a few women in the mix.

So I tried my photo. First, I used my profile photo. It's from last summer, but I think I look sort of the same. I have longer hair, but my face hasn't changed that much I don't think.

(Please ignore the apparent food stuck on my tooth and other facial flaws.)

Yeah. So. Um.

Apparently I resemble Asian guys. Oh and the president. Yeah, mostly men.

66% Leslie Chung
64% Pierre Bouvier
59% George W. Bush
58% Douglas Adams
57% Matsu Takako
55% Jose Carreras
54% Brad Delson
52% Choi Ji-woo
52% Elizabeth Taylor
52% Misha Omar

The Asian guy thing, not so bad, but there are (as far as I know) no Asians in our family background. I didn't think I looked most like a guy either, but apparently I am wrong. I'm sure the Asian thing is because of the almond shaped eyes.

I have no idea who most of these people are.

But seriously? George W. Bush? Ouch. That hurts. A lot.

At least Elizabeth Taylor is on there.

So then I thought, Well, maybe me in my younger, cuter days would fare better.

Um. Yeah. Well, at least I was a female most of the time...

Number one though? An Asian guy. Argh.

74% Chiang Kai-shek
74% Josie Maran
73% Meryl Streep
72% Andie MacDowell
72% Molly Ringwald
70% Venus Williams
68% Brittany Murphy
68% Jodie Sweetin
67% Sarah Michelle Gellar
66% Jennifer Lopez

People used to approach me all the time when I was younger and say that they thought they knew me. I used to have a "twin" before I got older or something. Someday I will be thin again. I think.

I did the same with photos of my kids...which I will post another night...

6 people like me!:

Anonymous said...

i like both your pics! very intersting. i can't wait to try. btw i will live to be 82! as per ur prev. post.

Harmonica Man said...

Too funny. George Bush and Chiang Kai-shek?

Maybe it has the ability to recognize your potential as a world leader!

Kara said...

I had no idea you could even do that! I think I'd be afraid to put in my picture!

wayabetty said...

Hmm, I bet your past life you were Asian! ;-)

I tried it and I look like Kelly Clarkson. I said look not sound, too bad.

Tater and Tot said...

Ooohh, I have a "twin" somewhere, too. I think I just have an average enough face that everyone thinks I look like someone!

Bonnie B said...

You are still adorable! I hate to look back on all the old pictures of myself-- it's so depressing. A couple of weeks ago, Iwas going through som eold clothes from when I was 20 and my 8 year-old could wear them except they were too long-- I was SO skinny

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