Thursday, March 22, 2007

Pride or prejudice?

There are the standard times in life when you expect a swell of pride and happiness; the day you graduate from high school and/or college, the day you get engaged, the day you get married, the days your children enter the world. There are the days that aren't so monumental, but you still feel that pride and happiness; when you pass a test, get invited to a party, lose a few pounds, win a contest.

What I wasn't prepared for as a mother was the way my children's accomplishments would make me swell with pride and ridiculous happiness.

Oh there are the usual accomplishments that parents tend to get giddy about; the first steps, the first words, the first toileting in the toilet; but the accomplishments that seem to really make me so happy I cry a little are not the biggies.

The first time my kids rode on a carousel brought tears to my eyes. Each rode for the first time was when each of them was 1 year old. M spent the whole ride saying "wow!" which was a favorite word of hers at the time. The parents standing around the carousel would have seen a little blond girl having the time of her life while her mother held on to her, trying to not let the tears break from the corners of her eyes.

K was terrified initially, but laughing at the end and signing "more." That time I was fighting back the tears because he was so scared about something I knew he'd really love. I felt terrible putting him on that horse when he was so against it, but, we'd already paid...we were going, darn it!

I love that they both rode the same horse for their first ride.

Other times I've felt insane pride and happiness for my kids:

  • Watching M sing with the cherub choir. Every. time.
  • Listening to K sing songs. He knows almost all the words to even "mommy's" songs.
  • Hearing M ask any kid, anywhere, anytime "Hey, can I play too?"
  • Feeling K's little hands hold my face and plant a kiss on my lips, followed by "Lub you Mommy!"
  • Realizing M can read a few words.
  • Cheering for K now that he can reach the pedals on his bike.
  • Seeing M float and swim by herself. (she swims better than I do)
There are a million of them. Isn't it great?

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Bonnie B said...

Listening to Maggie make sure she big friends include her sisters when they play.
Listening to magie comofrt her sisters when they get boo-boos.
Listening to her read.
I guess it is Maggie's Day!

Mrs. Chicken said...

I love it when The Poo "reads" her books to herself, or when she pretends.

That rocks my world.

Sweet post!

Pendullum said...

When my daughter learns apiece on the piano and really gets it..(She is playing All You need is Love by the Beatles and it causes my heart to melt)
When she insists on doing her homework on her own.
or when she just grabs my hand as we walk to school and says I love you for reason other than the 'moment' of us just being together.

Harmonica Man said...

My favorite moment was hearing these words, "Daddy, I just pooped in the potty!"

I'm starting to well up just thinking about it.

Kara said...

You're right, it is the little moments that bring the tears of joy. I like it when my kids hug each other and say, "I love you."

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