Sunday, March 25, 2007

Look at the Birdie!

Yesterday, we took advantage of the warm weather and drove to Wabasha to look at the eagles and get ice cream. We spotted an eagle sitting in a tree as soon as we arrived. It was quite a distance away so this is the best photo I could get. The kids were still thrilled. Total eagle count: 5.The kids are posing in front of the new Eagle Center that is under construction. It's a nice-looking building.
We ate lunch at Slippery's. Where else do you eat when in Wabasha, MN?
Three grumpy old men and one grumpy old lady. . .After lunch we crossed the Mississippi into Wisconsin to visit the Nelson Cheese Factory so the kids could get an ice cream cone. While we were there, a train went by which thrilled K and his reaction entertained other people there.

We also saw what we assume was a practice fire for the local fire department and saw them shooting the water cannon after the fire was out.

Both children insisted that they were NOT tired and would not, under any circumstance, be sleeping on the way home.

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Harmonica Man said...

Those are all great things. I just stopped at Nelsons a few weeks ago. Every so often I head up the river on my way home from La Crosse instead of go over to 52. It's a beautiful change of pace.

Kara said...

Sounds like a great trip! Neat idea to go watch the eagles.

Oh, and I love Slippery's too!

Bonnie B said...

My kids would go absolutely nutty to see eagles! And at least two out of three would be drooling in their sleep on the way home

Damselfly said...

Cool eagle pic and sleepy kids pic! Sounds like a perfect day.

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