Friday, January 5, 2007

Random thoughts #10

Tonight, as my son was rocking with me, he looked up at me and commented "Mama? When I go up I be fifighter!" He has big dreams at 2. He also loves to ask "kiss me Mama?" It's a total stall tactic, but a very effective one at that.
My friends Sandy and Kurt voted me the winner of their tongue-in-cheek Christmas letter contest. Yeah, they said they didn't expect any entries and then Kurt badgered me until I wrote a letter. Then, now that I've won, they throw in additional stipulations. Geez. Good thing they're friends.
My bunco night was last night and it went fairly well. It was slightly painful because my dessert plates and napkins did not match the colors or theme of the rest of the decor, but I'm probably the only one who noticed. Well, me and the rest of the people I told about it, soooo pretty much everyone. Note to self: Shut up.
I finished reading The Kite Runner a few nights ago. Yeah, great read. Disturbing at points, but truly a worthwhile read. Thanks to Mrs. Chicken for making me place this higher on my reading list.
I'm contemplating painting the walls of my living room and dining room/kitchen in somewhat dramatic colors. Currently, they are white. Pretty much stark and boring. I will take a before photo and if we get around to the painting, I'll post the after. I think it will look pretty good, but it's hard to take the plunge. Our house is pretty small, so I don' t know if it can take the bold color.
Have a FAB weekend.

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Anonymous said...

I use plain white everything so i do not have to use my limited brain cells worrying about coordinating. glad bunco night went well! i am still having it out with my monthly visitor-can't do with her and DEFINITELY can't do without her.

Sandy said...

You ARE Martha Stewart, my friend, and I bow down to you!

As for the painting, we used to think that beige was too much color. Then we jumped in with both feet and have colored both the upstairs, bedroom, and bathroom. I was watching a do-it-yourself show and heard that color can actually make a room seem bigger. I didn't believe it at the time, but it's really true.

(And Martha Stewart has a very nice selection of coordinating paints. They may even match paper plates and napkins.)

Mrs. Chicken said...

Isn't that SUCH a good book?? Congrats on taking the top prize for the Christmas letter!

Kara said...

So, what is The Kite Runner about? I finished the Marble Sky one and loved it!!!!

I say go for color around the house. It is so worth it and really adds a personal touch. A cheap way to redo something you aren't happy with.

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