Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The obligatory after-Christmas post

Our Christmas was pretty good. We got the four "fartweasels" together for a photo session. There were 2 that were decent of the bunch that I took, and there were several wrestling matches in between photos. For some reason all the kids were really excited Christmas Eve...can't imagine why!!!???!! Santa had time to stop at my Mom and Dad's house before he had to get down to business delivering presents around the world. I'm amazed that he takes the time every year to visit our kids. It helps that I have an "in" with him.

There is only one kid in the picture because M is always the one who runs toward Santa while the other 3 run the opposite direction. K was cowering behind a chair with his 5-year-old cousin B. He kept muttering "Daddy, Daddy, where's my Daddy?" Apparently Mom isn't good enough in near Santa situations. My other nephew was about as far away from Santa as you could get but still be in the same room. But still, we invite Santa to stop by.

We're mean like that.

Here's M's reaction when Santa was coming in: The kids were all given some great gifts that they really like. However, K's Christmas could have been over the minute he opened his present from Boppa and Amma. Daddy had to immediately put it together and it was not farther than an arm's length away for the rest of the night.
And Miss M's big request from Santa this year was a "racetrack and fishing lures" so here's my clan with the coveted racetrack. Of course they broke one of the launcher things before we (yeah the royal we, meaning Craig) got the thing together. Thankfully it was just a little clip or something and Craig has fixed it tonight. (Notice Mr. Destructo Boy with his prized scooter!)

The kids also each got a Game Boy Micro that we gave them from their other grandparents (they always just send money which means nothing to the kids so I bought these Gameboy things at Wal-Mart after Thankgiving when they were on sale.) I guess they think they're pretty fun too. We ventured to Toys R Us today to get them each 1 additional game for them.

And yeah, they were given a ton more stuff. Too much probably, but oh well. They're my kids I can spoil them a bit if I want.


Before I go, I have to wish my Mommy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!! Thanks for everything Mom. You know what I mean. Love you!

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jeff.lee said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable. Glad you had a great Christmas!

Sandy said...

What a great keepsake photo for all the kids! You really know how to tell a story with your photos!

My favorite? The one of M jumping up and down and Santa descends. Priceless!

Kara said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas!!! It is fun to spoil them. We do!!!!!!!!

Damselfly said...

This is such a great post! I love the pics of the excited kids. Christmas is so much better now that I have a child, and he's only still a baby so he hasn't even gotten to that excitement stage. And I love the pic of your mom!

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