Monday, September 11, 2006

School's back in session...

Hooray for preschool starting again. K's class was this morning too, but we had to stay in the room with the kids the whole time...argh. I was looking forward to a break. Then M's class this afternoon we were with the kids for quite a while before we separated too. First day of "school" pics. K insisted on posing with M's stylish handbag. It really doesn't go with his outfit though. M's holding a McNeilus truck "stressball" that she was attached to this morning for some reason.
I was so happy to see my friends from M's preschool, even though I saw many of them over the felt good to be back in the routine...even with the changes. ( 5-6 New students and parents, and 2 new teachers.)

Of course both kids were just wild this afternoon when we got home. K had a 10 minute nap in the car that must have recharged him just enough to wrestle his sister while I was trying to make supper. Add the fact that our TV broke last weekend so we have to use my old one from college that doesn't hook up to the DVD player...and the kids were nuts. No Jay Jay the Jetplane to help me keep the kids calmer while I cook. Argh.

On a positive note, I bought an exercise bike 2 weekends ago and have been riding it everyday. A couple of days it's been as little as 10 minutes, but other days it's been up to 1 hour. Hey, every bit helps, right?

I wore my little flag pin above my heart and went about my day today as normal. I wish I could have put our flag out on our house but it was raining today.

M starts her swimming lessons up again tomorrow afternoon, Wednesdays she'll have preschool, then practice for the cherub choir at our church. I'm thinking about signing her up for ballet lessons since I used to take lessons as a kid...but maybe I'm overscheduling her??? Posted by Picasa

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Jennine said...

As President and Founder of Mothers Against Pilates, I just want you to know that I admire you for riding that exercise bike. Every little bit does help which is why I limit my physical excertion to just a little bit.

From one woman to another...I'm proud of you for being a good mother. No one signs kids up for swimming lessons and cherub choir without really caring about their kids.

Well done!

Kara said...

It was good to see you at preschool too. The parent time had a different feel to it though.

Use your own judgement with the overscheduling. I've heard much worse schedules before.

MrsFortune said...

Cooking? What were you cooking? Join my blog recipe swap!!! Woo-hoo! Fun fun fun. Great pictures of the kids.

Sandy said...

I wouldn't worry...the problem develops when parents don't even realize that their child might be overscheduled. Those are the kids I feel sorry for!

Waya said...

We LOVE routine!! Love the pix and the stylish handbag! Overscheduling? NAH!! Sign them up if it will give you a break. I'm waiting for our town's recreation dept schedule so I can sign up my middle bad boy, he's been home in the mornings, since his pre-school doesn't start until noon (for 3 hrs) and HE'S BEEN DRIVING ME AND SOPHIA BONKERS!!!

Harmonica Man said...

Welcome back to the wonderful world of routine. I was never happier then when my kids finally had a set bedtime again (you'll appreciate this more when your kids are in their teens, and you have to stumble downstairs at 3 in the morning to tell them to turn the TV off and go to bed - but I digress).

btw, you don't happen to work at MTM do you?

Bonnie B said...

Those babes are adorable. It sounded like a great first day of school-- and I LOVED the handbag (very stylish).
You are a great momma to do so many fun things with your kidos. Why not just ask your daughter if she wants to do ballet or lay around the house one afternoon a week? If she's game, i say go for it!

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