Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Pocketbook uncensored

I've been tagged by Jennine at My Ovaries Made Me Do It to reveal the contents of that private place that no one but me dares to go. Yup, my purse. Well, actually the original tag called for a simple pocket reveal, but since it was coming from a man, and women don't generally carry a lot of crap in their pockets, we're going for the purse.

This could take a while.

I better condense some things...although my purse is pretty small, I can jam a lot of junk in that baby:

  • Mickey Mouse checkbook holder with coins, credit cards, DL, Sam's Club card etc.

  • a bunch of receipts

  • 3 pens

  • 3 mints

  • 1 set of store brand Pain Reliever Allergy Sinus caplets: expiration 08/07

  • 5 hair "pretties"

  • 1 trial size bottle of Aquity Long-Lasting Comfort Drops (for contacts) expiration 03-2007

  • In case of emergency card...filled out

  • $10 (whoa! that's a lot of cash for me!)

  • 1 red comb from The Hair Den

  • a bunch of coupons (half probably expired, but I'm not looking right now)

  • several punch cards for places like Papa Murphys and Noodles.

  • 1 old Powerball ticket...LOSER

  • envelope with M and K's mad money from collecting and recycling our aluminum cans

  • 1 pair of safety scissors

  • 1 Park at MOA wristband, broken

  • 1 small photobook with pictures of the kids.

  • 2 maxipads

  • A list of books I want to read

That, up there is the outside of my purse. It's a Wal-Mart special and has the all-important cell phone pocket on the outside, sans cell phone in the photo as it is recharging. I hate buying new purses, and hate spending a lot of money on them so this is my ugly, cheap purse. Buying a new purse for me is agonizing. So is buying a new diaper bag. I've been using the same diaper bag with a broken zipper for years now because I haven't found another I like!

Wow, my purse really is ugly. I never really noticed until now.

Crap, now I'll have to look for a new one.


Hmmm. Who to tag? I'd pick on Kara but she's on her way out of town...SO...instead I'll pick on Sandy again...though I can't remember seeing her with a purse very often, if ever...Not that I'm purse-stalking or anything. And how about some Chicken and Cheese!? Posted by Picasa

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Jennine said...

Way to be a team player, Heather!

You are brilliant to carry scissors in your purse. I can NEVER find them when I need them. My fear is that if I kept scissors in my purse, my purse would go missing.

You know, I noticed that you, Jeff and I all have Sam's Club cards. Do you think it's a sign? Should we set up a meeting by the huge boxes of Snicker bars?

Bonnie B said...

What fun! I haven't seen this meme yet. The contents of a purse reveal a lot about someone. Yours reveal tha tyou have kids and you are one smart prepared lady-- scissors-- too smart.

lynsalyns said...

Crap, I already posted this morning. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise! :) Thanks for tagging me, I haven't done a meme in a long while.

Sandy said...

I graciously accept your challenge.

Karen said...

Hey! I have a Walmart special too! I let Lizzy pick it out. I use a large bag until it breaks and then I buy another cheapie.

Heather said...

jennine-The scissors are there from too many instances of needing to cut armbands, balloons, etc off of wrists and getting pissed about not being able to get them off. Out of anger comes preparedness.

Or something like that.

I'd prefer to meet by the cookies. I love their chocolate chunk ones.

Bonnie- refer to my scissors spew above. Can't wait to see your purse contents...WTG Sandy on tagging you!

A-Am I allowed to use your name? Anyway...hope you have a better day...don't stress on doing the meme if it's a pain in the tookus. BTW, Love your photo with the ice cream...I thought it was Karen for a minute though. (Not that that's bad or anything! I sometimes think you're twins! AND Gorgeous twins of course...)

Sandy--you are one together Momma, even if you don't usually carry a purse. Already answering the meme...they (you) don't call you SuperMommy for nuthin.

Karen--Cheap purses are totally the way to go in my opinion. If I have to cart the damn thing around I want it to have been cheap so I don't care when the strap breaks (usually after at least a year!) The drawback though, when I wear a sleeveless shirt my arm breaks out in a terrible rash where the strap hits my arm. Oh well, the price I pay for lack of style.

Bonnie B said...

All I can think about is "where is my camera?"

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