Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary Baby.

Six years. Not a lot of years, comparably, but still a lot by Hollywood standards. (And really, that should be the standard….Boy I hope you know that was a joke.)

Craig and I have been married for six years.

We “met” at mutual friends’ wedding. I was the sole bridesmaid besides the “Matron of Honor” and Craig was the Best Man. So we didn’t walk down the aisle together then, but the thought did actually cross my mind.

My friend Char, whose wedding I was in on September 20, 1996, apparently had introduced my to my future husband several times over the (at the time) 4 years I had known her. Craig says he remembers the meetings. I….well, not so much. Take into account that the meetings were at an annual drunkfest streetdance. I’m pretty sure I had a boyfriend at each time as well…and when I’m committed, I’m committed. Taureans are known for their stubbornness, and loyalty

But then I “met” Craig at the rehearsal. *Spark.* Wait and see…

Decorating the hall for the reception, again, *Spark.* Craig and groom seem to delight in making fun of my overalls. “Farmer” they call me. And I secretly like it.

Prior to ceremony, while professional portraits are taken: I tell Craig he cleans up nicely. Oh those dimples!

We sit next to one another in the limo.

That night we go to a local bar at the conclusion of the reception. I discover at last call that the bride’s sister had taken my keys when a few of us women carried the groom into the hall. (yeah, the over 6-foot groom--that's him over there in the photo...the tall blonde over my left shoulder.) We get a ride from one of Craig’s neighbors to get to Craig’s house (our current home). For some reason I feel comfortable enough with him to get into car with him and 2 of his friends to drive about an hour to the river.

I borrowed some clothes so I didn’t have to stay in my bridesmaid dress. T-shirt and maroon heels…not a great fashion statement.

We drank something called “strip and go-naked” and played cards. Craig and I stayed up all night talking and watched the sun come up. No hanky panky. Honest.

The next morning we drove back, and I went home to get real clothes and shoes.

I worked on Monday and received a bouquet of roses with a note: Were you late for work? I was.

Got hives suddenly on Tuesday (cause still undetermined but thought for years it was an ibuprofen allergy). Craig still wanted to visit, and didn’t recoil at the sight of me, covered in hives.

We dated. I stayed at his house a lot. After 4 months or so of that, I moved in, along with my cat (whom Craig hates hated). That was in January. He proposed March 12.

My brother got married that September so we waited until the following year to get married. My brother’s anniversary is September 25. Mine is the 23rd. My parents’? The 27th. Oh yeah, and my brother’s birthday is the 26th. It’s party week for my family. Or something.

Craig has always been a giving kind of man. He’ll help anyone and everyone if he can. This is both endearing and irritating. But it’s Craig. Take it or leave it. I whole-heartedly take it.

He annoys me, and I annoy him.

He shows me he loves me by doing things for me like cleaning my pigsty car. Or, cooking me breakfast on the weekends (although that hasn’t happened since Mother’s Day…)

He still brings flowers home occasionally…he used to send them to my office when I worked out of the house.

He has the best dimples ever.

He still finds me attractive and beautiful after 35 lbs of weight gain. (Or he’s a great actor.)

He’s the most involved father I know. His kids worship him.

And me? I love him to the moon and back. Posted by Picasa

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lynsalyns said...

This was so sweet. Have a happy day together today, and every day.

Waya said...

WOW! What a hottie couple!! Happy anniversary to you both!! May you have many many blissful years ahead from the "moon and back"!

Sandy said...

I LOVE the photos! As I read your post, all I could think was aaahhhh...

Kara said...

Wonderful words for your husband. Annoying each other is part of the fun, right??

I just have to say that I have had those "strip and go naked" drinks. I can't remember what is in it, but yummy!

Happy 6.

Harmonica Man said...

Happy anniversary!!! Congratulations Heather and Craig!

That was a great story.

Jennine said...

What a sweet tribute to your marriage. Good for you, Heather and Craig. Congrats!

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