Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Bad Mommy! Bad, Bad Mommy!

Today is one of those days when, if I ever was a member of the "You don't suck that bad as a Mommy" club, I would have my membership card revoked.

I really need to start listening to my newly 4-year-old. No wonder she doesn't listen to me.

Before I get into my offenses today, I'll relate a short story about what happened last week. We were going to go to SuperTarget. I told M this. And proceeded to try to get the kids ready and in the car so we could go get the things on my list. My list that I very carefully pulled off the kitchen cabinet and put in the outside pocket of my purse. After much preschooler cajoling and toddler-wrangling I got them both in the car and set off for the store. We get about half-way up the street and M pipes up in a sing-songy voice: "You forgot your list!!! Nyah nyah nyah nyah!" My response (with a raised volume, natch) "I did not! Now just ride quietly!" Guess what I discovered when I got to Target? You guessed it, no list. Bad Mommy!

So back to today. On Tuesdays we generally join some friends from M's preschool at the park. Today it was raining so we decided to scrub the playground mission today. However, the county fair is on this week and M and K like looking at the animals. So I suggested we go to the fair, I figured we'd duck in and out of buildings and wouldn't get too wet. Anyway, M was kind of being a little turkey about getting ready to go. Somewhere in the midst of my prodding her to get ready, she mentions "I feel sick." In my defense, she had heard me talking to my SIL about my nephew being sick, and sometimes when K's sick, she tries to tell us she's sick too. Anyway, I dismissed the statement by saying "Well, if you're sick I guess we better stay home then." "NO Mommy!"

So we went. M got to touch horses, pigs, bunnies, a donkey, a goat, and a calf. She loved it. She was fine. We were there for 2 hours.

We got home at lunch time, the kids had mac and cheese, then I tried (unsuccessfully) to get K to take a nap. I gave up, then tried to get the kids to have a photo session since I keep hoping to get nice photos of them for my wall (K won't go to a studio without screaming). So of course because I am a BAD BAD Mommy I got mad and yelled when they weren't cooperating with my grand plan. (I need to read my helpful parenting advice again I guess.)

About 10 minutes later, M went up to her room to LAY DOWN. (This should be a clue since the kid never willingly rests.) So I went up to talk to her. She went back downstairs and as I'm wrestling K to come back downstairs I look at M. She's on her little Dora sofa, with a puddle of ...how to put it...stomach contents, next to her head.

Bad Bad Bad Bad Mommy! She told you she was sick! Why don't you ever listen?

So it has been several wash loads this afternoon...sorry utilities company...I'm not keeping this dirty laundry until after 10. I hope she's done now. She's laying on the floor in the living room, sleeping, with a bucket next to her head (that she sometimes hits).

And I get to take my guilt to bed with me tonight. Yee haw!

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Waya said...

OMG! I so feel for you and your bad day. I hope it's better tomorrow.

BTW, I've tagged someone else to do that Muproustian (sp?) interview and she has been busy and hasn't done it, should I nominate someone else or just leave it be? Not sure what to do.

Sandy said...

That's too bad! Annika has done the same thing to me, and I've brushed her off too, only to have her hurling while we're in the van or out in public.
I won't even ask if you want to go the fair again today...

Kara said...

I have days like that more often than I would care to admit!! I call it Mom of the Year moments. They still love you anyway!


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