Monday, June 26, 2006

Our vacation Part 2...the good, the bad and the ugly

So the drive up was pretty much torture. We had 4 vehicles to transport the clan up north, and walkie-talkies which provided a few minutes of fun and levity during the excruciating drive. I think it took us about 5 1/2 hours to get up there with 1 stop for eating.

We get there and the mayflies have hatched. On the plus side, they are near the end of their short and unpurposeful lives. Mmmm. Love the sound and feel of mayflies squishing between my toes. Yuck.

On the plus side, they have movies...a lot of them...and they're free. As someone who hasn't seen a big person movie in years I was thrilled. I watched Ray, The Terminal, and part of The Color Purple. They also had arcade video games and air That was wonderful considering my kids wanted to try them all...go for it's free! (I also spent some time there doing laundry...K had the, fun. So I played video games for about 2 hours. I can really blast those bad guys in the shoot-em-up watch out.)

On the bad side, since we've returned our kids have been little turkeys...and I've yelled more than I should.

There will be more vacation stories and more photos....

But I have to share something that happened today. We were at Staples, getting more ink for my printer. We're checking out and there is a regular employee and a trainee. The trainee is dressed in a black shirt, has no name tag and is a tall boy with long, dark hair and is somewhat dark complected. M asks who those people are. I answer with my standard (looking at the name tag) "That's Shelley" M looks ticked. "What? You mean the boy?" "Yeah" "Well, I don't know his name because he's not wearing a name tag."

She looks perplexed for a few seconds then says "He looks like Tarzan." I couldn't argue. He did sort of look like Tarzan. Fortunately, he didn't hear, or pretended not to hear. I laughed. Out loud. It was the best moment of the now you know how badly my day sucked.

More vacation and photos next time...just warning you again.

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lynsalyns said...

I recognize this day. But that was pretty funny! :)

Traveling always takes the snot out of a person.

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