Monday, May 22, 2006

M's Burn incident, revisited ... and veggie pizza

This morning was a difficult morning. We made it to K's ECFE class and I commented to one of his teachers that I had thought we (Me, K and M) all needed to go back to bed and start the day over. Nothing major happened. Just the kids being kids and driving their Mom nuts because she has to repeat the same thing 400 times before she gets the desired response. (And sometimes only with slight beating or locking in the closet, although some days...) "M, go up and go potty before we leave" "M, go up and go potty before we leave" "M, go up and go potty before we leave" "NOW!" "Do you want me to take you up there or do you want to walk up there yourself?" . . . "K, leave the TV off" "K, I mean it, leave the TV off" "Bye bye TV" "K, do you want to go up to your crib?"

Anywho. After K's class we went to the playground outside of the school since it was a BEAUTIFUL day here today. Two other Moms from his class were out there with their kids as well, so when everyone decided to leave (by everyone I mean us Moms) my kids decided to pitch a big fit. M agreed to leave after 2 more slides, then took her 2 slides and tried to go for more. I grab her arm. Her burned arm, naturally. Screaming in pain, she decides that it is time to go home, like Mommy may have mentioned previously. K is still not leaving. So, M and I head for the gate. K is still not leaving. I close and start to latch the gate. At this point M starts crying again "No, Mommy! We can't leave K!" Real tears are pouring out of her eyes. "My little brother!" She wails.

As though I was really going to leave him there. I didn't say we would leave without him, I just wanted to give him the impression that the bus was leaving and he needed to be on it. Well, M tried to get him to leave as well, so I finally had to stick him under my arm and carry him screaming to the car. If that isn't the BEST part of being a Mommy I don't know what is. I know I love having people stare at me as though I'm beating my child.

Oh and I have to mention, one of the Moms asked me if I'd taken a class in Love and Logic. "No" Read the book? "No" "Oh wow, because a lot of the things you say are textbook Love and Logic. I guess some parents just get it naturally." The moment of feeling smugly like the best parent at the playground was so fleeting... but it was a moment.

So after lunch and K's nap we went outside to play at our house. The really great thing about having 500 outside riding and misc. toys is that the kids get each one of them out and play with each one for about 30 seconds before they drop it in the middle of our yard for me to put away.

Then Craig comes home and M decides to show him her "owie" which I've had covered all day and haven't really looked at it much. It's red, swollen, pus is oozing out of it, and there's a rash developing on the skin around it. Nice. So we go in to make an appointment with her doctor's office.

6 pm appointment. She's put on oral antibiotics and they give us another prescription for a topical ointment that has some analgesic as well. Off to Target to get those filled. Not surprisingly, both kids were NOT perfect angels in the store. I'm pretty sure there is something pumped into the air at Target to make kids act like little you-know-whats. Especially if their Dad's are along on the trip.

We finally got home at about 7:30. Since the kids are normally in bed by about that time, needless to say they were a bit tired. I gave M her oral antibiotic and put the new ointment on and wrapped her arm. Then I had to finish making the veggie pizza I am bringing to M's preschool class picnic tomorrow. (Craig said M was sleeping in 2.2 seconds.)

Yes, that is a photo of the veggie pizza. I just thought it looked pretty. That was before I had to make it not so pretty by sticking it in a Tupperware box. Just don't want to lug a big stoneware pan to the park and risk breaking my beloved Pampered Chef bar pan.

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