Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Typical Convo With My Mom

Me: Hey Mom! What's going on?

Her: Just watching some TV (or reading, etc)

Me: What did you do today?

Her: Got my hair cut, some groceries. What did you do?

Me: I went to the store with K Man to get ---

Her: --some applesauce?

Me: ....What? ....No. We were shopping for a backpack for K Man. (Applesauce? Did I need applesauce? Crap...I didn't buy any. We're probably out of applesauce. Dang, I suck as a parent. Wait! Does applesauce have anything to do with my story? What was my story again?)

Her: Oh did he find one?

Me: Yeah, but we were looking at a camouflaged one and this older guy came around the corner --

Her:--and told him to get out of the way?

Me: (...moments of silence...) No. He told him he was in the Army.

Her: Oh. Did you tell him your Dad was in the military?

Me: Um, no. Anywho...K man was looking at the backpack and this older guy came around the corner and told him he was in the Army --

Her: So did he --

Me: The guy gave him a dollar Mom. He gave him a dollar.

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