Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Baby is Six

It's a cliche, right? I blinked and somehow my baby is turning 6 years old. She's a feisty one. She was such an easy baby I should have known that there would be more rocks ahead than I thought. Around strangers she is still slow to warm up, which I appreciate after two kids that see everyone as a potential friend. Actually, she's not slow to warm to everyone, but she is choosy about who she warms to. I think this is a great attribute. We should be choosy about who we share ourselves with. (And that pretty much contradicts the idea of writing a public blog.) I never know who she will talk to and who she will just smile at from behind my leg.

She's practicing independence in spades. (That's p.c. talk for driving her parents insane with back talk and sass.) She's great at giving me the stink eye if I displease her.

Yet most often the word for her is smiley. She's just happy to be alive. She demands very little. She entertains herself if no one is available to play with her.

I love you my new six-year-old!

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