Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Three Kids in School and Challenges

All three of the kids are in school all day now. I think I'm still in denial because I drive the kids to school then I come back home and go back to sleep. This is probably a sign of depression, which I already have medication for, but I just assume I will adjust eventually.

My oldest started middle school the day after Labor Day. I was hanging on to the last kid being home for that last month. I dropped her off, then an hour later dropped the younger two off, then promptly cried. Middle school starts at 7:40. Elementary starts at 9:10. It's kind of a pain in the ass to drive kids at two different times, but this is my reality.

We had K Man re-evaluated for learning disorders since it's been two years since his last evaluation. The tests re-confirmed his dysgraphia (disorder of written expression) diagnosis and added a diagnosis of Developmental Coordination Disorder because his fine motor skills are well below average. We're requesting an evaluation from the school so he can get an IEP and occupational therapy. We'll see what happens in the next 30 "school days." If I need to be Mama Bear it WILL HAPPEN.

Miss M had a rough first week or two of middle school. She had difficulty finding friends and ate lunch alone. She's told me that she's found at least one friend who eats lunch with her and has found another friend who sits near her in several classes. I worry about her because she has such a kind heart and some of the mean girls find her easy prey. Those mean girls don't intimidate me, and if I need to I will tell them to step off.

On that same order, one of the first few days Ms. D was at Kindergarten I went to pick her up and there was one little girl that clearly had the plan of dominating D and any other girl there. I promptly called her on that just by saying "Let's be pleasant!" and she has not acted like the little bitch in my presence since.

I'm not sure how these days and weeks of elementary school and MIDDLE school are going to work out. I miss having a kid at home. I should be making progress cleaning the house or creating things but instead (as I said) I sleep as much as I can during the day. Just hoping to get out of this slump.

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