Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just Trying to Process it all

Life is getting overwhelming again. So much sadness and anger, combined with prolonged Winter weather do nothing to help the symptoms of living with depression and anxiety.

On the larger scale, my issues are minimal. I lost no one I knew in the murders in Boston. No one I knew lost limbs there. No one I knew lost someone they loved. I am seemingly unaffected, yet I am.I have an eight-year-old son. I can see him in Martin. I can't imagine having to say goodbye to any of my kids. Yet, I saw no joy in hearing the suspects were dead or near-dead. I wish those boys had gotten help before they resorted to violence.

Closer to home, a very good friend of mine lost her father this weekend. My heart breaks for her family. We came close to losing my husband's dad last year and were blessed that he pulled through against the odds. We did lose my husband's brother a little more than a year ago. Our family continues to feel the repercussions of his untimely death.

Another friend is dealing with a son who faces criminal charges because his mentally ill sister made up false allegations against him. Her family has been torn apart and she's such a great person with an even bigger heart.

Then there are the small things, that somehow blow up into bigger things. A comment, made in fun to lighten the mood results in insults and condescension. Hours of planning for a reunion derailed because it doesn't suit one person...who also uses insults and condescension to drag others down.

We all have our share of problems. They are all relative, of course. Even the same "problem" is not felt the same by different people. One person may spread hate, another may spread love and humor.

But honestly, I think this weather may be dragging a lot of people down. I hope the sun comes out soon.

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