Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Vacation and Stuff Less Funny Than That Movie

The best thing about Christmas, for me, is that my kids are home for three weeks. They have no school commitments, there is no band practice, there are no scouting events, they have several new toys to play with and keep them occupied, and we have nowhere we REALLY have to be. We can laze in our pajamas all day, enjoying one another and enjoying our Christmas presents. That's what we did yesterday. The TV hardly was on all day, but the Bigs got electronics so there was still plenty of screen time. It was pretty cold outside though, so I didn't feel like I needed to shoo them outdoors to freeze. Give me a few more days when the fighting starts, then I'll shove them out the door.

I keep thinking about the parents who are missing their kids this Christmas. Not just the parents in Newtown, but parents all over. My in-laws, for example. This is the first Christmas since my brother-in-law died. We talked to Craig's parents and they sounded relatively upbeat. I hope it wasn't just an act for the phone call. I'm so thankful to have so many loved ones around me this Christmas.

I always think I didn't buy/make enough for Christmas. This year I didn't feel that quite as much, because I know we did what we could and tried to make our gifts thoughtfully. Sometimes the cost of the gift is less important than how perfect it is for the person. I think I hit that right on in several cases, so I'm happy. Of course, I still wish I could do more.

For my kids' teachers, principal, office manager, nurse and support staff I got small gift cards ($5) but then wrote them each a personal thank you note. The gift cards are inconsequential, but my hope was that the note would mean something to the educators. I wanted to reiterate how much we appreciate everything they do. They are remarkable people and I love the school environment my children are in. I will be sad for M to graduate out at the end of this year.

For Christmas, we got Skylanders Giants for the Wii. I think I might like it even more than the Bigs do. I always was a Spiro the Dragon fan. The game was on sale at Target for $49.99, probably more than I should have spent, but it was $30 off! What a bargain, right?

Craig and I bought each other food, which was obviously not the greatest choice given the size of me lately. It's time I put on my big girl panties on this issue I suspect. Quit hiding behind all my excuses. My dream is to become a runner, though I have never been a great runner. Resolved: I will do my inhalers (for asthma) like I am supposed to do twice daily. I will restart the C25K somehow. Maybe I will have to freeze and run.

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