Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still Struggling With the Cat

Our cat is still with us. (I'm sure everyone is thrilled with the cat status updates!)  I just don't know when the time is right that it is best to let her go. Ideally, (which seems an odd word choice) she will pass on her own time, without too much pain and too much more destruction of our carpeting. My husband's patience has long run out on the cat. Mine is getting very close. She's 16 years old so I know she's probably not long for this world, but it's irritating to clean up cat pee and poop from outside the litter box. I thought one of the best parts of having a cat is they did their business in a box.  Not so when they start to get old I guess.

I never ever WANTED a cat. I took her on when my college roommate could no longer keep her and she was actually a pretty social cat. She let me touch her paws with no problem, she greeted people at the door instead of running to hide. She learned to sit and lay down for a treat. (She doesn't do this anymore though!)

When I first took her home to my parents' house after I graduated from college (and learned I inherited a cat) I woke up almost every morning with her perched on my chest. I almost had her trained to come when she was called. I tried to teach her to roll over, but she never did master that.

I know I will miss this furry face one day soon.

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