Saturday, September 1, 2012

Know when to fold them

There are the card players and the others. I play cards occasionally. It comes and goes in my life when I find myself with other card players. I played cards as a kid with my friends from Louisiana. Their family were card players. I learned to shuffle and make a bridge with that family.

My high school boyfriend's family played cards but I cannot remember what any of the games were called. I have successfully blocked much of this time out of my memory.

College brought cards again. Immature games like "asshole" and slightly better games like "youker."

My dad taught me "hearts" somewhere along the line. I learned poker haphazardly over the years. Blackjack was easy to master.

My kids play "golf" with my mother-in-law. I play "war" with the kids, though they call it "top it" which is probably a better name for young kids.

The one card game that remains constant is solitaire. There is probably a metaphor there.

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