Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Boy Who Struggles to Write

I found it ironic that my in-laws' neighbors gave K Man a huge pencil. He has dysgraphia, dyslexia, and probably executive function disorder. He is so creative and will write (not prettily or grammatically correct and phonetically spelled) only if he's not asked to do so. In the last week he's been working on an essay about helicopters. I haven't seen his work yet, but he's been perusing a volume we bought at our library's book sale back in June and working hard on writing all about the helicopters. Occasionally he will tell me a random fact while we are in the car, so he seems to be absorbing something from his reading. I know interest is a big factor in getting him to read and write, so I'm all for whatever he is doing with these books.

I worry about this boy more than my other children. He faces challenges that his sisters do not. (I hope his younger sister does not face these challenges at least!) We are working on a 504 plan for him for school. I hear that many times these are not followed as the law says they should, but I am confident I am enough of a mama bear to make sure things are followed.

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Michelle Pfingston said...


I don't think this is the first time I've commented, but I don't comment very often. Nevertheless, I subscribe to your post - just to let you know :-) I started subscribing when I found out about your dyslexic kid. I've got one for sure of my own, daughter, 8. And then my son may have dysgraphia, but he has just turned 7 and has never been tested. And honestly, I think my daughter just has been so focused on . . . you know. Her dyslexia is pretty strong.
Long story to say - I understand your concern about the future. And one of the reasons I homeschool is to give her a positive outlook about her dyslexia. And I find your son's interest and activities (writing an essay) very very encouraging!

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