Friday, July 13, 2012

Kids Are so Lucky They're Cute

I love my children I love my children I love my children I love my children.

Some days I need to remind myself more than others.

I'd forgotten how challenging 4-year-olds can be. Perhaps M and K were not so challenging or maybe my memory is failing. I should read my own archives. Who am I kidding? Of course K was challenging. He was such an easygoing baby, but once he hit toddlerhood he's been going full-tilt. I bet he was an easy baby just because of all of his ear infections.

D is cute and she knows it. On vacation last week ("up North" as we say here) D was floating on a raft with my sister-in-law and I and sighed "I'm sooooo adorable." It's apparently really hard to be cute.

With three children asserting their independence and intent on annoying one another every second of every day it's hard to stop myself from bludgeoning myself to death. I've even asked them if they are TRYING to drive me insane. They say no, then go back to bickering. ::slams head on desk::

Sometimes I really think the parents who chose to have only one child are the smartest. They've done the parenting thing. No sibling battles. No attention seeking. Get one of my kids by themselves and they're perfect angels...well, most of the time.

But I know that I would never have been satisfied with one child. So I deal with the constant picking, teasing, back-talking. Someday I will miss this, or so I've been told. Then I see my father with the one or two siblings he still talks to and I see they still pick on one another. ::slams head on desk::

Is it just my kids or do everyone's kids open something and throw the trash on the floor where they stand? It doesn't matter if they're right in front of the trash can or (GASP!) 10 steps from it, they will drop the trash where they are. It's super fun to pick up. EVERY DAY. AT LEAST 30 TIMES A DAY.

I spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon trying to make my kids' rooms at the very least, navigable. My in-laws were due to arrive for a short visit and they usually take the 2 bigs' beds. The crap I find in my kids' rooms (especially K Man's) is astounding. Seriously, why does an almost-8-year-old need a sandwich bag full of sugar? ::shrugs::

So it's freaking Friday the thirteenth. After the last 12 months or so we've had, I'd like to call "Uncle" and hope Friday the 13th plays nice. ::air kisses to Friday 13::

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