Friday, April 6, 2012

When Is Blogging Hurting Kids' Right to Privacy?

I have opened a blank page many times over the last several days. The blank page is sometimes intimidating to me, but this intimidation has been different. It seems the end of this blog has come about organically. I no longer see everything my children do and say as blog fodder. It is tempered with the thoughts that my kids' lives are inherently private. Maybe they always have been, but when my nearing-10-year-old asks me a personal question about getting older I have to censor myself.

How would I feel if my honest and open questions had been broadcast to the masses? I was humiliated enough when I first got my period. I had little knowledge of what would happen. It happened to start during a long car ride. I used wads of toilet paper to deal with it for 2 days.

Things that should not have been humiliating to me, were. I got my first bra in 6th grade. I wish girls could wait that long now. {censor what I want to say about this! Gah!} The boys teased us mercilessly. They'd run a pencil eraser up our backs to see if there was a bump in the back. It was a big deal then. I haven't cared for many, many years who knew I was wearing a bra.

So I think this blog is ending at least as a "mommy blog." It no longer feels right to blog about my Bigs, especially my oldest Big. I know there are few readers left here anyway.

I will re-work this blog, probably focusing more on my photography.

I reserve the right to post random thoughts.

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Sarah said...

i hear you, heather. the same happened for me.

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