Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Thoughts #57

  1. I miss writing here. I also have lost my words.
  2. And I'm crazy over-booked with things to do.
  3. I, along with a few other moms, took 7 Girl Scouts to The Great Girl Gathering at the Mall of America the weekend of March 9-11. Us moms who endured it are pretty much the best moms EVAH!
  4. My small group of 4th grade Girl Scouts make me feel like I'm awesome. I get hugs and hear words that tell me I am loved by more than just my daughter. This is why I volunteer.
  5. Ms. D's fellow preschool co-op students make me feel very similar. It feels wonderful to have 3 or 4 3-year-olds piled on your lap to hear a story (or 9) read.
  6. The weather in Minnesota has been beautiful. I would love it if it didn't feel so ominous.
  7. My cat continues to eliminate outside her litter box. It's looking more and more like we will have to say goodbye to her.
  8. We continue to adjust to the the reality my brother-in-law is gone.
  9. My female time continues to suck.
  10. My kids are the cutest and funniest kids ever.
  11. My husband has a wonderful and giving heart.
  12. ???

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