Tuesday, February 7, 2012

When You Get One Of THOSE Phone Calls

it pretty much stinks.

We were having a normal evening last Saturday. Both Craig and I were tired. He'd spent most of the day at a Cub Scout day camp with K Man and I spent several hours at the Bigs' school carnival with the girls (tiring in it's own right). Weariness leads to lazy suppers so I picked up chicken strips and fries for supper. The kids were pretty full of goodies from the carnival anyway (we brought some home for K) and Craig and I were just filling the void.

The phone rang at 6:13. I looked at the caller ID later. Funny, the 13. If there was a thirteen o'clock it would have rang then. I handed the phone over to my husband without answering it. It was his parents calling and I knew they'd want to talk to him anyway. Craig answered it and said "Dad... Dad..." over and over and I thought that his dad had butt-dialed us again like he did a couple of times last week.

Craig's brother died, alone, in his house, a few days before his son found him. It's awful in so many ways.

"They" call it an unattended death. I call it crappy.

My in-laws are devastated. The rest of us are shocked, numb, whatever it is we are I'm not sure.

Send us positive thoughts.

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mayberry said...

That's devastating. I'm so sorry.

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