Monday, February 27, 2012

Kid Vignettes

First M decides she will buy herself a box of Girl Scout cookies with her own money. She chooses Samoas after a nice man buys a box for the girls at a cookie booth. He could no longer eat his favorite cookie because he was on a gluten free diet. (Dear Girl Scouts, perhaps a gluten free cookie for next year?!?) She discovers a new love for Samoas.

She carefully counts out $3.50 in coins. Moments later, Mr. K Man arrives with his carefully counted out coins. He selects the new cookie, Savannah Smiles.

D pipes up: I get cookies too!

M: Well, do you have money?

D: Yes I do!

She marches upstairs and grabs her piggy bank, insisting that M count out her change.

She chooses Savannah Smiles.


K Man loses a tooth on a Tuesday.
He loses the lost tooth until Thursday. Clearly, losing teeth has become routine and uneventful.
Friday after school:

Me: So, did the tooth fairy bring you some good cash?

K: Oh! I forgot to look!


::commercial plays for some kind of substance that makes bath water goopy, then makes it normal water again so it can go down the drain::

M: I think most girls wouldn't like that, but I would, because I'm no ordinary girl.

Me: So are you exceptional or weird.

M, without a beat: I'm pretty sure I'm exceptional.


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