Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Vaguely Remember When I Was Funny

So my plan of packing up the kids' toys was thwarted by a barfing preschooler. Darn Friday the 13th anyway...though I'm insanely grateful that vomiting is the worst that Friday the Thirteenth threw our way.

If I'm totally honest, Friday the 13th hasn't ever really been that bad. At the very least, it hasn't been remarkably bad since I can't remember anything.

Once the kids toys were packed up, my plan for yesterday included using our new Family Y membership. Swimming is my preferred activity so far (surprising, considering my size) but Mother Nature arrived to make swimming-at the very least-awkward for the next few days. Perhaps D's illness was a sort of good thing in that respect. (I have to say she is pretty much the most agreeable sick person ever.)

I took the Bigs to the Y while Ms. D was at her home school co-op preschool on Wednesday. The 3 of us pretended to play racquetball and we stunk up the place with our bad skillz. Both Bigs took a ball each to the face so at least it was even. Next on our non-aquatic agenda will be basketball. I'm taking bets on the number of bruises received during that first session.

I'm reading the Twilight series. I'm sort of embarrassed to admit I love the books. If I had been a teenager when these books came out I'd definitely be a groupie. I find Edward's character more interesting than the character of Jacob thus far (I'm just into reading Eclipse). Edward has to sacrifice more. The restraint he (especially he) and Bella have to exercise is smoldering. The non-sex scenes are hotter than any sex scene by far. If only we realized that when we were in those shoes!?!

Hey! Nothing like rambling blog posts! No wonder I have no readers! :) It's okay, I kind of like talking to myself.

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Sarah said...

I admit it... I loved the Twilight books. :)

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