Monday, November 28, 2011

Random Thoughts #56

  1. When we put our family Christmas tree up yesterday it marked the end of my Christmas tree decorating for 2011. Every year for the last several years, I've decorated trees for a local charity. This year I decorated 2 six-foot trees (one with my family, all handmade ornaments and one with 2 friends). Miss M, K Man and I each designed a mini-tree to be auctioned off. Last I saw, K Man's sports-themed tree was selling for $100. Miss M had a butterfly theme, and I had an Angry Birds theme. It was fun, but I am glad to be done for another year!
  2. Miss M was my date for the opening night gala this year. We had fun dressing up and hanging out together. She is already asking to go again next year even though it's just a bunch of adults eating and standing around talking to one another. She's much more social than I am.
  3. The kids all helped decorate our family tree, which was nice. I remember being inside decorating by myself while the kids were outside playing together. Not the most fun. This year was really nice and the kids were excited. Our tree is covered in ornaments that mean something to one or more of us. It's truly a family tree.
  4. Too late, I thought that a great Christmas present for our family would have been a membership to the Y or to the local athletic club. I'm listing things on craigslist in hopes of decluttering and also making some extra money. Perhaps by January I will have sold enough clutter to consider a membership.
  5. I'm trying to forget that my class reunion is coming up this summer, though no one seems willing to plan the thing. I've done some things, but I have no idea what to do to plan a reunion and also I have a shit-ton of other commitments.
  6. I'm hoping to write more here and make more for my etsy shop. We shall see. Something has to give I suppose.

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