Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flying in Dreams

I had a dream yesterday morning. It was one of those light sleep dreams that occur when you fall back asleep after you hit the snooze button. These are 10-minute stretches of dreaming which are usually the only dreams I ever remember.

This dream was vivid. Colors, even the sensation of movement, stayed with me long after I woke for the final time. I don't recall how the dream began, but I was floating or flying in our bedroom. It was exactly how I would imagine a person having a near-death experience would feel and I recall even having that thought while I was dreaming. I flew around the room a bit then decided to try to fly through the patio door. I was successful flying through the glass and angled down to look into our dining room window. It was brightly lit and I looked in and saw my kids playing, but they were younger than they are now.

I ventured higher in the air and saw the city, lit up at night. I remember wanting to visit certain people. Some I was successful in visiting, others I couldn't get my body to steer toward.

The alarm pierced my dream. I fumbled to hit the snooze button and settled back into the pillow.

I was in a doctor's office or scientist's lab. They wanted to see if I could really float and fly. Within seconds I was airborne again. Flying this time in New York, flying over oceans, peninsulas. There were woodsy areas. There was a house, clearly under construction, wrapped in pink. It stood at the point on an island. Construction workers moved around it, busily undistracted by my presence.

I could feel the wind in my hair. My clothes pushed against my skin. Small areas of my clothes flapped behind me.

Suddenly I knew that I needed to land. I landed and found my husband in the trees.

The alarm blared again.

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