Monday, October 10, 2011

Random Thoughts #56

1. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but pimples suck. I'm ::cough cough:: 29 and still get pimples all the time. One of my friends once told me that it's actually a good thing to have oily skin because I will look younger longer than someone with dry skin. I'm pretty sure that's because I'll look like I'm a teenager because I have a zillion zits.

2. This week will both be busy and not busy. K Man has his testing for a learning disability this week. That day, and the two days following until we get the results, will be emotionally exhausting. The kids have swimming lessons, bells practice, preschool. The Bigs are on break so we'll try to squeeze some fun in somewhere. I have 3 photo sessions on Saturday.

3. I'm trying to update files for my photography. It takes much more time than it should because I worry about everything being just right. I know I'm under-charging at this point, but I also need to build up a professional portfolio. I also don't want to price my services out of the range of most families. I don't think that people should not be able to have great photos of their families because they have limited income. It's a tight-rope walk right now.

4. I miss blogging. But I feel like I have little time to blog lately.

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