Thursday, October 13, 2011

Possible Answers and Probable Questions

I'm anxious this morning.

My mom is coming out to our house to babysit the three kids. Craig is going to take some time off from work. I will drive to the Mayo Clinic by myself, ride the elevator up and check in at a desk as K Man's mom.

The Mayo Clinic can be intimidating I suppose. I grew up here, mostly. Doctors don't seem that special to me. I could have been a doctor. I didn't want to be one. It's a job; a career. Just like any other. Yes, it takes more training than many choices. But I've met several physicians who probably should have chosen a different vocation. I know myself and I can be cranky. My bedside manner probably would have been crappy at best.

Mayo tries to provide a welcoming atmosphere. In the Gonda building there is a grand piano. Most of the time, there is someone sitting there playing a tune. Sometimes that person is accompanied by someone who sings. Tuesday, there was even a woman who brought her ukulele and sang. People pause and listen if they have time. I had plenty of time while K endured 4 hours of testing.

I'm not sure what outcome I want from this testing. On one hand, he's completely normal and just needs to focus more on spelling and reading. He may just need to "grow up" a bit. On the other hand, he's suffering from a learning disability or two. He's been struggling and I've been pushing him even though he simply can't do what I'm asking him.

Either scenario is less-than ideal. If there are no disabilities found we're left to flounder and fight over reading and spelling homework. If there are disabilities found we have to figure out new approaches to teaching and learning.

It makes my heart hurt for my beautiful boy. We will all soldier on to find the answers we need. And I'll hug and kiss him every step of the way.

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