Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do You Have a Cluttered Home?

I have much work to do. My home is not stuffed like those on the Hoarders television show, but it is cluttered. My children have 568,982 toys scattered around the house. They also have 4528 pieced of clothing in each of their closets and dressers and those are just the ones that fit them. If you count the articles that no longer fit them that are still in their drawers and closets it's probably more like 5792.

No matter how often I clean off the dining table it becomes filled with the detritus of everyday life within days. My kitchen countertops, already filled with kitchen appliances and such over 80 % of the space, continually fills with other things on the one countertop that should be somewhat clear.

I buy more and more shelves, more and more boxes, thinking that more shelves will solve the problem, but the truth is I need to purge "things" that I don't use. But I worry that as soon as I get rid of something I'll need it. I can count on less than one hand the times that has happened with the stuff I have gotten rid of though.

I attach sentimental value to things, which is part of the issue that causes people to become hoarders. I remember who gave me things, who gave my kids things. I remember my kids wearing outfits, playing with toys. I remember my deceased grandparents owned certain things and I can't let them go.

When I do clean and organize it feels great. I love the results but things usually fall apart quickly. It doesn't help that my kids have the same tendencies.

How do you tame your clutter?

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mayberry said...

Every two weeks I go through the house and declutter - move everything that's in the wrong place, back to the right place. It takes 1-2 hours. I try to make sure I have a good podcast to listen to and better yet, a chai latte to drink also. And, no one else is home at the time which makes a difference.

As for getting rid of stuff -- I am not as good at that. My husband got a bee in his bonnet at New Year's and pitched/donated a ton of stuff. It was great. Then a friend had a yard sale and offered to sell stuff for others, so I gave her a bunch of stuff. I didn't really have time to give her as much as I wanted to, but she's doing it again next spring so that will be a big deadline for me.

Slow Panic said...

Our clutter has gotten a little ridiculous. I just helped my Mom pack to mover here and I swore I was going to come home and get rid of every little thing we don't need.

That was a month ago.

Now school has started and, ugh, life is crazier then ever.

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