Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We're Melting!

It's HOT. Honestly, I like warm weather even though I get hotter faster than I used to. But this week in Minnesota, it's HOT. And humid. If you know what heat feels like in a humid climate you know that it can be hard to even breathe when the moisture mixes with high temperatures.

A friend of mine from high school was nice enough to share a free one-week pass to our local athletic club so I took the kids swimming yesterday. It was just what we needed for a day that I'm told was supposed to "feel like" 116 even at 6 o'clock in the evening. We were in the water almost constantly for 6 hours straight. D climbed out of the pool and jumped in approximately 4628 times. M and K swam together (mostly) nicely.

We (I) forgot to apply sunscreen. How is that even possible? I don't know. I brought sunscreen. FYI, it doesn't do any good in your bag.

I was sort of happy to see I wasn't the biggest person in the pool, but I was close. I decided to focus on my kids instead of myself and didn't feel too uncomfortable being the whale in a pool of minnows. I ran into a couple of women I know who said "I didn't know you were a member here!" I felt like answering that I was a member and obviously it wasn't doing me any good! I admitted we had only a week-long pass. If I had the "extra" money, I would join, but that hasn't happened yet.

Today we'll meet our friends at the pool again. More heat and humidity. (Now with SUNSCREEN!) It's sweatageddon in Minnesota.

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