Monday, June 13, 2011

Why I Haven't Been Here

It happens every year, or at least it has since my oldest started elementary school (now almost 5 years ago! Yikes!). May comes and the calendar fills in a blink. There are end of year celebrations, recognitions, performances, get-togethers...on and on.

M "flew up" to Junior Girl Scouts last weekend. She won't be wearing the brown (completely filled) Brownie sash again.

K Man moved from Tiger scouts and wearing an orange neckerchief to Wolves (I think? Boy scouting still has me confused.) and wearing a yellow one.

We saw M and K's beloved principal and office secretary retire. The next school year will feel strange without them.

D is growing and talking more and more and "testing her boundaries," which is SUPER FUN. I didn't remember how much fun three-year-olds can be. She also has the same habit that I now remember Miss M had of wanting to wash her hands every 2 minutes. I remember worrying that M had OCD. K Man went through the same stage, but not to the degree of his sisters.

We had a garage sale last weekend and froze our butts off on Friday (unfortunately not literally, dang it that doesn't work like that.) which was also super fun since it was 102 last Tuesday. Thanks for the 40 degree temp flux Mother Nature. Yesterday I went through all of the leftover stuff and pulled out 8 BIG boxes of stuff to donate. This is a huge step for me because I always like to make money from my stuff and I always worry that I could have used something I gave away. Perhaps I'm the one with OCD?

I wish I could say I was really busy with photography sessions, but I've only had about 6 paid sessions since I started. I suppose in some ways that is good for just starting out, but I'm anxious to keep momentum. I put out cards at the garage sale and had a few people pick them up, so maybe I'll get some sessions from that as well. I'm happy to say that all of the people I've done sessions for so far have seemed VERY happy with the results. Yay me!

I also wish I could say I was busy working out and getting rid of the fat, but sadly, no. I need to kick my own butt I think. I hate seeing myself in the mirror.

My kids continue to make me laugh and yell and bring out the best and the worst in me.

My life is blessed even with my issues. I know I am a lucky woman. Hope my luck holds out.

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louann said...

Does sound like a ton of things happening! I have always said- based on my experience, that starting at around age 3, kids are really much more fun and a lot easier to handle.

Sending you more luck! =)

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