Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Vignettes

We got on the subject of when each of my kids was born when it was just my father-in-law, M and K Man in the sun room Friday evening. This transitioned into someone asking about where I was born, which led me to telling about the circumstances surrounding my birth. I explained that some babies need to have their lungs suctioned because some babies, when their mommies get stressed, poop in their tummies and inhale some of the poop. This was the case with me. I explained further that if it doesn't get sucked out in time, or if doctor's don't know that the baby needs suction, the baby can have brain damage.

K asks, very innocently, "did you have brain damage Mommy?"

I answered "yes, a lot."


Told that story to Mom who said my nephew B had been asking her about the kinds of cars she'd owned in her life. She told him her first car was a "really cool Mustang," which impressed him.

Then he asked her, " Did you ever own a Model T?"


The Bigs and I went to the big town of Moose Lake to shop. There isn't a huge selection of shops to visit, but I usually hit the local souvenir/antique shop and the ALCO. This visit to the local shop, M, K and I spent more time browsing than I usually do when I stop there. Fueled by watching shows like Pawn Stars and (mostly) American Pickers, the kids were fascinated with a lot of the items in the shop. I found a unique gift for someone and a unique cactus-stemmed margarita glass for myself. We were almost through the shop when K exclaimed, "look! It's some super old CDs!"

Those would be records to us old people.

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Jen S. said...

Super old CDs, ha!! I can recall a time when my family had gone to an amusement park somewhere, and my sister and I were participating in an "archaeological dig" I dug up an 8-track cassette, held it up curiously and innocently asked "What is this?" And all the grownups laughed at me.

Chelsea said...

Haha all of those made LOL!

louann said...

Thanks for the good laugh!!! Hahahahaha!

louann said...

Thanks for the good laugh!!! Hahahahaha!

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