Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting Out

I spent last night creating business cards and post cards for the photography venture. I have so much to do and learn, but I'm still scheduling sessions because the first step in my mind is to get out there and work.

But I bought a sales receipt book and an accounting book (for which I remember precious little of my small business accounting classes...I know there is depreciation expense and stuff like that but have no idea how to figure that out).

I have several supposedly interested parties but only one booked session (and one re-shoot for an unhappy toddler). I am hopeful that I can be successful. Besides writing a novel (which may still happen someday), making a living as a photographer would be wonderful. I worked as a photographer at a department store photo studio after I graduated college and it was decent experience, but not the same as what I'm trying to do now. I was limited then in the photo orientation and space. Now, I can shoot portrait or landscape, indoors or out. It's exciting and terrifying.

I know I can take great shots of my own kids and the kids I know well. It remains to be seen if I can translate that to kids who don't know me, to their parents, to their pets...whoever is subjected to my lens.

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louann said...

That sounds neat! I do love the pics of your kids that you post so am sure you are, in general, good at taking photos. Goodluck!

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