Monday, April 25, 2011

She Is Fragile

I worry about her more than my other children. She's built differently than her siblings. She's sturdier than they. She has a heart that is easily bruised.

She is still a little girl, on the cusp of learning about being a woman. It hurts my heart for her most times. She's beautiful, inside and out, but she doesn't believe it. She frets about weight and she is only 8 years old. I hate that.

She asked me about my stretch marks. I answered honestly. They are there because of weight gain.

Is it because we're chubby Mom?

WE'RE chubby? I asked her why she thought she was chubby. She didn't have an answer. She's not chubby. Her mom is overweight and I see how that affects my beautiful girl.

I hate that. Because. Look at her. She's gorgeous!

So I will try, again, to change my ways. Because this gorgeous girl deserves it.

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Slow Panic said...

She's gorgeous. My boys have body issues already. I have a lot of changes I need to make too.

Wendy said...

She is utterly gorgeous!

I hate that our kids have to face such grown up feelings about body image. I remember being 8 when my mom pointed out I was getting a double chin. It's been the main source of my self-consciousness since then.

Maybe you can start showing her (without her realizing it) bigger women who are beautiful? Like maybe Kirstie Alley or the new lady on Food Network? I think the show is Have Cake Will Travel. Understand, I'm not saying SHE is bigger, but no matter how the world sees her, she sees herself as "chubby."

louann said...

Definitely, beautiful!

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