Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If You Know Him You're Lucky

There are two ways I know my son isn't feeling well: #1- He stops talking. #2-He falls asleep easily...especially if it is in the middle of the day. Thankfully, the Boy is feeling well this week, but it is also a little exhausting for his mommy. His enthusiasm is wonderful and overwhelming. He feels things deeply. If he's disappointed, you KNOW it. He's also the owner of one of the most beautiful hearts. When it comes right down to it, if you wrong someone in his family he will attempt to avenge in any way he can think...unless I step in to explain the folly of such drastic measures. That loose tongue is helpful in that he shares most of his plans. Last weekend, he wanted to cash in the money in his piggy bank and head to the toy store to pick out a new toy. I was reluctant, because he (like his sisters) has 528,726 toys that he mostly ignores already. But he has that charm that even strangers notice in moments and he batted those long black lashes and flashed those big brown eyes and I caved. Again. This boy is not someone you take shopping when you're in a hurry if you're telling him he can buy something. He weighs his decisions carefully and changes his mind multiple times. It is a BIG decision, no matter how much or how little dough he has to spend. He is hard on toys. He thinks he's making them better most of the time. He's creative. He puts toys to the test and often they miss the durability mark. (Thank goodness for Legos.) This trip, he decides on a remote-controlled helicopter. I'm immediately nervous. I know what his exuberance could do to a helicopter. But he's excited and he's weighed pros and cons of almost every toy in the store yet settled on this. I can't say no after such careful thought. We bring it home and it's broken within 2 hours. We'd paid a little extra for a buyer protection plan, so we're hopeful we can take it back. So we do, on Sunday. Another long decision-making process and we leave with an airplane. I'm even more leery of the airplane because it's clearly a returned and repackaged item. We head to a soccer field to fly the plane. It is broken. It was from the start. Thanks to the person who bought it and returned it without mentioning that it was broken. A second (third if you count the one the day before) trip to the store. This time I coached him to buy the much more sturdy-looking robot. It's a little less exciting than the flying toys, but also less likely to break. Here is when I come to the realization that I have no point in my telling you this story. No point other than I love this boy and I'm trying my hardest to raise him into a good man.

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