Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freaking Barf Sucks

You know how you try to do everything possible to make the days with your kids happy and fun and create memories and bonding and try to make the best decisions possible? Yeah, you probably do. If that's the case then you probably also know how sucky it is when you make promises to go someplace (let's just say Chuck E . Cheese's for S's and G's) and then your toddler wakes up at 5:30 a.m. after crawling into bed with you just after her Daddy gets up to get ready for work and barfs all over herself, you and the sheets. That was the start of my day yesterday, and while there are worse things to go through in life it still is hard to see my son's face crumple in disappointment when he hears we will not be going to visit the big freaking mouse and playing games at lunch time. I call Miss M and K Man my "Bigs" and because they are several years older than their little sister it is easy for me to expect them to behave more maturely. It is easy for me to forget they are still young. But six and eight sound so young when I really listen to myself say their ages. There is a lot of growing up to do still. Disappointment is a part of life but it doesn't make the tears any easier to bear. With any luck, we'll visit the giant mouse today, eat lunch and play games. The disappointment of yesterday will fade away into nothing. D will feel better, we will have fun and move on...another day in our lives.

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louann said...

Totally with you. During the moment, you expect them to completely understand but after a while, when you look back it suddenly hits you - man they're just kids and want to have fun and when that doesn't happen - regardless of how "small" it may seem, it breaks their hearts.

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