Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm Pretty Sure This Means I'm Older Than Dirt

We've been sick around here. I suppose that's the story for at least half the population in Minnesota about this time of year. We're couped up indoors with other people who haven't yet realized they're sick and spreading the joy of germs around and around. We're also sick of being indoors. Not that we don't go outside. We do, but the proportion of outside time to inside time is tipped heavily on the inside time...and there are many people out in public touching things that should be home in bed. This is why I wash my hands every time I get home from anywhere. My first stop is the sink. Soap. Hot water. WASH HANDS.

It works most of the time. I think we've been pretty healthy this winter for the most part. Of course it's always bound to catch up with us sooner or later. My Bigs were out of school most of the week last week. Finally by Friday my husband took the day off from work to drag the rest of us to the doctor. D came away with a prescription right away for the start of an ear infection and possible strep throat (though the doctor chose to not test for it since she'd be on antibiotics anyway). K Man and I came back negative for strep and Miss M (the only person in the family who lacks tonsils) came back positive for strep. So she's on antibiotics too.

I was disappointed my throat culture came back negative. I can withstand all kinds of pain without much issue or complaint but throat pain is almost unbearable for me. You don't realize how often you have to swallow your own saliva until it hurts like someone shoving a knife down your throat every time you try to swallow. Honestly, I've had labor contractions that I didn't know I was having. I've had three c-sections. I've had and passed a kidney stone. In many ways a sore throat bothers me more.

I love that I'm writing a blog post about my aches and pains. Hi, I'm Heather and I'm 80 years old. Next thing you know I'll be eating supper at 4 o'clock. (You can't prove I've ever done that. Can you?)

Get off my lawn!

In the spirit of full-disclosure I also have hair growing in odd places, like the side of my neck, and also my feet are dry and fugly beyond belief.

It's bad that I shake my head at the kids who have their music thumping in their cars, right?

Shoot, I'm starting to say things like: "They should have done something about him 30 years ago" and "Oh yeah, we had a skating arena here about 25 years ago, it's where the bingo hall is now."

That's just wrong. Wrong I tell you. And in a little less than 2 months I will be 29. Again.

How long can I say I'm 29?

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Life As I Know It said...

You can keep saying your 29 until 39 starts to sound like a good number. (I'm going to be 39 again next year!)

I'm pretty sure it's the children who age us more than the actual years going by.

Hope you guys are healthy soon!

Slow Panic said...

You can say you are 29 for as long as you please.

Hope you are all feeling better soon. Spring is truly on it's way! I promise!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I'll be old right along with you.

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