Monday, January 17, 2011

The Young Mother

All three of my kids, as toddlers, loved babies. I'm told that's not always the case but my three were all baby lovers. That certainly was a blessing with Miss M since her little brother was born 2 years and 7 days after her. She was quite a proud big sister. (What happened to that pride? Argh!)

D takes her baby love to an all new level. M didn't play with her dolls that much. K played with baby dolls even less. D almost always has a baby doll with her.

She owns approximately 426,897 baby dolls and she loves each and every one of them. No lie. I admit I've been a little surprised at how much she loves her baby dolls.
She cannot sleep or nap without at least one baby. Often we are in the car with 3-4 babies on D's lap. She teaches them. I hear my own word echoed to these babies. She changes imaginary diapers. She comforts her babies when they are sad...and I never know when they are sad like she does.
I hear her cooing to them. She pats their backs, worries over imagined injuries and tucks covers over them when they nap.

Maybe it's the curse of the youngest child to long for a baby sibling. I remember wanting a little sister (not so much a little brother) when I was a kid.
She's our little mommy.

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Pam said...

Cutest little mommy EVER!!

mayberry said...

That's adorable! I always wished my kids were a little more into baby dolls. Although my son does like his "american boy" doll (the boy bitty twin that Grammy got at a rummage sale, score!).

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