Monday, December 20, 2010

Love Her

It's entirely possible that we are keeping Ms. D a "baby" longer than we "should." She sleeps in a crib in our bedroom (when she hasn't climbed out and into bed with us). We've made little effort in potty training. She still has her pacifier (inexplicably named "Doo doo" by her).

She is also a big girl in many ways. Her speech (which was nearly nonexistent for so long!) is remarkably clear when she chooses to speak. If you are not a part of her (at least) weekly life, she will not grace you with words.

She learns things quickly. Do not do anything in front of her if you don't want her to know how to do it.

We have our routines and she will let you know if you forget a part of the routine. I usually lay with her in our bed at night, either cuddling right away and then reading on my iPad, or just immediately reading while she dozes off next to me. When it is bedtime, she'll grab her "Doo doo" and lovie and a baby doll and then remind me to get my iPad. Whenever we go anywhere we have at least one baby doll with us...and sometimes 5 accompany us in the car. She changes the babies' diapers, feeds them, scolds them, loves them. Poor kid would love a little sibling but that's just not going to happen.

Ms. D is another of my children who marches to her own drum. (Apparently I only birth strong-willed children.) She's just as strong-willed as her siblings, but her tantrums are few and far between and often short-lived. She is quick with a smile.

She gives impromptu kisses and hugs and says "love you too!" mostly because she's heard that response so often.

I knew, all those years ago, that our family was missing someone. I'm so glad she's here.

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Anonymous said...

love you- too. Amma

Madeline said...

So sweet! Nothing wrong with strong-willed kiddos. I've got at least one of them. We'll see how Sophia turns out.

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