Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Random Thoughts #51

  1. I'm a little afraid to write out the words, but I think my cough may finally be getting better. After 4 weeks of being sick I'm sick of being sick. Sick. Honestly, my cough was so bad last week that the doctor tested for whooping cough. The test was a rather unpleasant nasal swab that felt like she was taking a throat culture through my nose. The results were negative so yay! No quarrantine for the whole family.
  2. Once again, I'm involved in decorating two trees for the Festival of Trees (a local charity fundraiser). Two of my friends and I are doing one tree together and Craig, the kids and I are doing the other one together. I finished putting the lights on my family's tree last night (one of my friends is lighting the other tree). Putting the lights on the tree is my least favorite, most time-consuming part of the tree process so I'm happy that I'm done. The fun part is putting all the themed decorations on the tree and admiring how lovely we made it!
  3. Do I have writer's block this same time every year? It seems like a pattern. Though it's November and I told myself I'd do the novel writing this year. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Doubt that is going to happen. Also? Not posting every day in November. Not going to happen this year. I'm wondering if the blog is over? I know my family likes to read it though.
  4. I hope to restart the Shred soon. If my health cooperates. Stoopid health.
  5. I realized that I will no longer be able to get the flu mist and sort of rejoiced a little. I can't stand the feeling of the nasal spray dripping down the back of my throat. I prefer the shot and now I have to have it because of the asthma. I'm looking on the bright side of things...I can't breathe half the time, but I don't have to do the flu mist anymore! Yay! Yay?
  6. Eight year old girls are exhausting. I'm not sure I'm going to survive until she's a teenager...and it gets worse.
  7. I've gotten into the habit of napping with Ms. D since I've been sick. I tell her it's time for nap and she grabs her "doo doo" (pacifier), lovie and baby (or two or three) and she heads upstairs. I help her into bed and crawl in behind her. We're both cuddling and snoozing in minutes. It's both good and bad. But she won't nap forever and she won't be little forever...so. I'm going with the bonding and loving it before it disappears.
  8. Fine. I've napped with D since she was born...if I can get away with it. Sue me.
  9. I'm pretty sure my son is trying to kill me. I haven't allowed the children to watch Family Guy so I don't think any of them have gotten pointers from Stewie. Perhaps he is just a genius when it comes to driving parents insane? I have to say he is lucky that he is so damn cute.
  10. My son is so damn cute I'm going to be in big trouble in a few years. Honestly, the girls are already flocking. He "can't help it that the girls like him." Shoot me now.
  11. I have a butt-load (technical term) of organizing to do in our home. Please send me the motivation and perhaps a kick in the butt or two. Thanks.

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slow panic said...

I miss napping with my kids. My youngest dropped his nap when he has 18 months old so my snuggle nap times are long gone. Just to make up with it I still lay down with him at bedtime on Friday nights.

Glad you are feeling better.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! How awesome to sleep with a snuggly little person. I napped with my baby until my preschooler dropped naps. Dern it.

You can pick any month to do a personal NaNoWriMo. I did that before my first baby. As one writer said, "It must have been a man who decided November would be the perfect month to write a novel." And it was a man! Because guys don't get all the holiday stuff that has to be taken care of.

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