Thursday, October 7, 2010

Random Thoughts Waterpark Style

We took our kids to an indoor waterpark in a hotel in a city about an hour away from us. It was a carrot we dangled in front of the older two kids to motivate them to do well in school during the first quarter. Conferences in the books (report cards still on the way) we know that the kids tried hard, worked hard...did their best or nearly their best...and that is about all we can ask. Most days they did their homework without complaint. Their teachers both commented on how well-liked they are and how much they, as teachers, enjoy our children. I suppose they sort of have to say that to everyone, but they were very convincing if they don't really enjoy our kids.

So Tuesday afternoon (Craig took off work Tuesday and Wednesday) we loaded up the car and drove to the hotel. We arrived about 2:40 and asked for early check-in (regular time is 4 p.m.) and were granted early access to our room. We got in, got settled, got our swim suits on just in time for the water park to open at 3.

Early in the day I knew I was getting a cold. Through perhaps just positive thoughts I was mostly fine most of the time we were in the waterpark. I had to blow my nose occasionally but it was fine...for nearly 6 hours.

Yes, we swam and rode down water slides for almost 6 hours straight. AND...we were the only family there. So we had two lifeguards for our family of 5. I felt a little guilty but that's because I'm a mom and a Minnesotan. It's in the rule books. Check it out.

Ms D, clad in her life jacket insisted on being left to her own devices, especially while in the lazy river. "I simming Mama!"

We almost got K Man to go down the water slide, which has been a struggle for about 4 years now. (Thanks to his mom who took him down a slide when he was two and failed at the "keeping the kid from going under" requirement when you take a young kid down a water slide. Yeah. I suck.) It was close. He seemed excited to go, then got half-way up the stairs before a freak-out. I gave him a pep-talk and we got him all the way up the stairs. More pep-talk and he consented to sit in the tube. Then he got out and walked down the stairs. You might think I should have hopped in and made him sail down the slide. But I reassured my son I would NOT do that to him. Above everything, I want my children to trust me so I will NEVER do that sort of thing to them.

Miss M is already a fish. She has been since the day she started swimming lessons (and I suspect her little sister will follow her.) and I've asked her several times if she'd like to be a life guard. Her response is always "No. Because then you don't get to swim." It makes sense I suppose but if you have to have a job...

My husband is a much better swimmer than I. I wear my contacts in the pool because it freaks me out to not see well...especially when I'm watching kids. I don't like to get my face wet anyway so that cuts down on "splashing" fun. (This aversion to water in the face seems to hold true for all of my kids in varying degrees though.)

I can swim. Not well. I am mostly self-taught. I do a mean side-stroke. My daughter was impressed with my scissor kick. I can float on my back, I can do the back stroke, I can do anything that doesn't involve putting my eyes in the water.

It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the lazy river, grabbing a kick board to help me float or just using my own buoyancy (which I have plenty!) it is fun to just ride the current in circles. D, M, Craig and I enjoyed the tube slide. M enjoyed the body slide.

Nearly 6 hours in the water. The only people in the park.

It was pretty fun.

Then we hit the hot tub one last time, headed to our room and popped some popcorn. (Boy Scout popcorn so even better than regular...order some from my son?) The kids were up very late for them...even Ms. D...she fought the good fight but passed out in a chair upright. The Bigs made it to 10 before they couldn't do it anymore. (NYE may be an almost full family affair this year?)

Pretty much my whole family was asleep while I coughed, blew my nose (so much that we ran out of scratchy tissues and I had to resort to scratchy toilet nose hates me) 4927 times then tried to sleep without having snot running into my mouth.


Despite my personal health issues, I'm happy my kids had fun. That's what matters, right?


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Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Ooh, you lucky duck! A waterpark to myself would be like a dream come true. My favorite thing to do ever is play on water slides. I'm sorry you were sick, but it sounds like you all had a great time. And? You and Craig rock as parents.

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