Sunday, September 5, 2010

Poetic Justice

This afternoon I finally witnessed something I've only dreamed about.


A woman drives her youngest daughter to her grandparents' house before taking her Bigs, along with her husband, to see Avatar in 3D. She minds her own business, pays attention to the road and keeps it within 5 miles of the speed limit.

Suddenly, on her right a white blur flashes past. It's a truck, with the words "Show Some" and a drawing underneath. Very classy. The blur is doing at least 80, probably closer to 90.

Where's a cop when these arrogant asshats are around?

The woman continues on her way, not dwelling on the jerk, instead enjoying her toddler's babbles.

Approximately 1 mile down the road, the woman sees lights, and as she draws closer she see it. The truck. "Show Some."

A small chuckle escapes her lips.

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Chelsea said...

I saw that exact same truck yesterday when my mom, T and I were on our way to Walmart & Sam's! Thats funny!

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