Monday, September 27, 2010


Miss M received her Bible at church yesterday. I don't know why, but it seems very grown up. She seems very grown up lately...or more accurately...very teenager-y. I'm not sure where my little girl went, and truthfully she's only 8 but the way she acts much of the time these days I wonder if 8 is not the new 13. Thankfully, I can usually still reach her and get her back to her usual happy self before the day is out, but it is definitely starting to be challenging already. But she is still my beautiful, intelligent, loving child. I still can hardly believe that she's 8 already.

K Man joined a Cub Scout troop finally. He's been asking to join for the last 2 years and we finally jumped in. He's only gone to 2 meetings so far, but already he feels like he belongs. I worry about how he acts when he's away from me sometimes, because when he's home he lets it all hang out and is wild and crazy and chatters nonstop. I've been told that he is none of these things when he is at school, or at scouting. When he needs to pull it together, he does. Which is both good and bad. It's great he can do what he's supposed to at school. (One of the other moms that volunteered with me last week said he was "such a great listener!" and I thought she had him confused with someone else but she's known him for more than a year now so probably not.) It kind of stinks that when he gets home he's worn out from listening and has trouble listening to his parents. BUT. I suppose that is normal too. It's also fantastic to hear the secretary at his school comment on how HAPPY he is always.

Little D is growing into her own little person. It is so fun to hear her say our family members' names as she points to their photos. She's a bundle of energy, curious, loving. If you don't want her to know how to do something you'd best not do it in front of her because she can watch you once and know how to do whatever it is. She is two, and two was challenging for me with her older siblings. She is, in comparison (Yes, I know you're not supposed to compare!) less challenging than they were. I'm sure there are many factors that play into WHY this seems to be the case, but regardless I like it.

We have much to be thankful for in our family. I am thankful.

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