Monday, August 23, 2010

Tips for Using the Drop Off Lane at School

I posted this two years ago, but since school has started for some of us, and will be starting soon for the rest of you I thought it was necessary to re post this. Already I have dealt with all of this again this year.

  1. Do not pull into the lane, get out and leave your vehicle unattended while you escort your child into the building. This is not dropping off, this is taking your child into the school. Park in a designated parking space if you want to take your child into the building.
  2. Pull forward as far as you can into the lane when you come to pick up your child. The people stuck waiting in their cars out in the street can see that if you'd just pull up we could fit 3 more cars in the lane.
  3. Pick up time is not the time for a parent-teacher conference.
  4. Don't get huffy at me because I'm waiting for my children to buckle up before I pull away from the curb. It is the law. And I happen to love my children enough to keep them safe.
  5. Smile and acknowledge your child or children when dropping off and picking up. Your phone call can wait a few minutes.
  6. The bus lane is NOT a drop-off or pick-up lane. The rest of us are waiting in line like we're supposed to. Despite what you think you are not special...even if you think your yellow car qualifies as a bus.

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slow panic said...

I agree with all of those. It's one thing when it's new parents, but when I see the same people doing the same rude stuff year after year? drives me crazy.

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