Monday, August 2, 2010

The Original Cool Zebras Random Thoughts #49

  • I just realized that I missed my blog anniversary again. Proof that I am a crappy blogger I guess. Hard to believe I've been blogging for more than 4 years now. I should be much more famous by now. Ha ha ha ha ha! (My anniversary was back in May.)
  • I've both missed the internet and blogging and twitter and all that and not missed it at all. You probably didn't even notice that I've been (mostly) gone. I've enjoyed my kids and watched movies and just had fun this summer. I needed it.
  • Last weekend my two big kids had sleepovers at separate houses. Both Craig and I accomplished a lot this weekend having only one child. We had no idea of the luxury we had when we had only one kid. Of course in perspective since we were rookies when M was born we thought it was sort of hard. But wow. One kid = easy peasy. It helps that D is mostly easy going. Of course I thought M was easy going as a baby but she totally wasn't.
  • So I tried to organize our basement and did quite a bit of work down there. You can sort of walk through there now. There is more work to be done down there but I am closer to moving junk from other areas of the house to down there so we can move forward with remodeling/reorganizing, etc. The K Man is anxious to move to his new room but there is a lot of work left in there before that will happen.
  • It's sort of cute when your 2-year-old tells you "I fawted."
  • I'm really very, very classy.
  • Now I have 3 kids worth of birthday thank yous to get done. D's birthday was in May. I'm slacking big time. LaaaaaaaaZeeeeeeee.
  • My husband worked on our bathroom this weekend. You don't realize how much you miss a mirror hanging in the bathroom. I sort of forgot what it was like to have one in there. For the record, it's pretty nice, even though I have to look at myself. It really is useful when you put in contacts, etc.
  • Snickerdoodle is a terrible name for a ...cough.
  • When all else fails, ask the freaking out toddler what she wants. You may be surprised that she just tells you.
  • Storage is key when having children share a room. I calculated wrong but I am working on fixing the situation. And maybe someday the little Ms. D will sleep in her bedroom with her big sister. Probably when the heat subsides. Or something.
  • It still freaks me out when people I know from very different parts of life turn out to know one another, as discovered on Facebook.
  • Snickerdoodle.
  • Richard Roundtree.
  • You all should watch Two and a Half Men.
  • I'm a jerk.
  • I know my kids behave well when they are gone and when they return home after behaving for so long that they will let loose. I know this. It still sucks.

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Chelsea said...

Hahahahaha! Now I really want to hear D say that! Fawted.


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