Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Swan Song

Summer, for us, is singing it's swan song. My Bigs start school on Wednesday. I've been absent online, much more absent than I've been in a long time. I marked all read in my reader. More than once. It's not you, it's me. I've been enjoying my family. I packed as much fun into six weeks as I could. We went to new places, revisited old places, hung out at home (rarely).

The kids have been bickering almost constantly for the last 2 weeks. Even Ms. D has joined in the fun. I've said it before and I'll probably repeat myself 436 more times, these kids know one another so well they know just what buttons to push to irritate one another. Probably not a big deal to them in reality. It's annoying to the parent who has to listen to the whining. Such is parenting.

We've hit the Spam museum, visited a nearby Amish community, toured a cave, visited the MN zoo twice (or is it three times?). We've gone swimming several times. We've played at many parks. We went on vacation with our extended family and had yet another fantastic week "up north." There was more. My mind is terrible at remembering so that is why I take photos to remind me of where I've been.

We have had a fantastic summer. I've learned more about my kids. We've had great talks. We've admitted our love and our failings. I've been told I'm the best and the meanest mom on the planet. I know they lean toward the best. I know it. I even tell them that I do things because I am mean and they laugh!

I had some goals for myself that I didn't meet. But my most important goal was to give my kids a fun summer and I think I accomplished that...even with the bickering.

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kelleysbeads said...

Down with bickering. I wish I could tune that out better. Ours start back to school next Monday and they can NOT wait!

So glad you had a great summer and were able to do so many fun things with the kids :)

mayberry said...

It sounds like a great summer! Maybe the 6-week deadline helped focus things. It might help me if I had something like that!

Madeline said...

Wednesday? Really? How has summer passed so quickly? So glad it was a great one for y'all!

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