Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Going to File a Grievance...Not Sure With Whom

There are several things that people don't tell you that take you by surprise. I've covered a few of these things, especially in regard to pregnancy and parenthood but there is one thing about growing old that has come up more and more often recently.

No one told me that when I got old(er) (I am still 29 dammit.) that I would have pieces of skin hanging off me like little pimples that never go away. Skin stalagmites or stalactites. Skin tags.

I didn't know I'd have this. They are annoying mostly. They don't really hurt but they're ugly. And weird.

Tonight I decided I didn't want my daughter to grow up totally naive. So I told her about skin tags. And showed her mine. She was appropriately disgusted but at least she knows the truth.

Maybe someday they'll have skin tag prevention. We can hope.

These little bits of skin bug me most in the summertime. In the winter I hardly notice them. They're covered, I'm covered. The more humidity in the air, the more the mercury rises, the more the tags bother me.

So tonight I (Mom, cover your eyes!) took a nail clipper and cut them off. Well, one came off completely, the other I couldn't quite get it all off. Gross. I know.

This is my PSA. You can remove your skin tags if you're lucky enough to be old enough to have them. You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is gross! Amma (Mom)

great auntie sue said...

I have several of those too. I have wondered if i could cut them off, but thought I would probably bleed to death or suffer immense pain- so you just cut them off and are still alive? Also, another fun skin thing I have are cherry hemangiomas- nice little red bumps all over, from the size of a pin point to pencil eraser!

Madeline said...


Jennifer said...

Hey, is there any etiquette for skin tags? Like, "Hi honey, we've been married for 14 years now and we really need to talk about that thing under your arm where you can't see it but I, unfortunately can ..."?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I laughed out loud at this one. :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Oh no you didn't! Ew! I'm impressed though. Did it bleed? I'm just such a squeamish one....

Amanda said...

Is that safe??

A Vapid Blonde said...


I hate them too. My dermatologist just snipped them off with scissors so clippers/scissors it's all good.

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