Monday, June 21, 2010

Open Letter to MN:

Dear Mother Nature,

I can relate to the stress of not having a break from mothering. No matter how much you love your kids you need a break at least once in a while. You get angry, you throw a little mommy fit...then you get it together again.

Here's the skinny. My son has been having nightmares related to tornadoes since January when he (and his big sister) went to the Minnesota History Center. Tornadoes have been the theme of every nightmare...almost every single night. I have been able to ease my son's anxiety by telling him that there hasn't been a tornado in our city in 127 years.

So I don't really appreciate you throwing a tornado at our city on Thursday. Not funny at all. It was, at least, on the opposite end of the city...but a little too close to my parents' house for my taste as well.

I feel terrible for the people affected by this and I hope this means we're good for another 127 years.

Oddly, my son seems to have stopped having these nightmares since you threw that little F1 our way. Though he asks every night now if we're going to have another tornado. Thankfully I've been able to say no. So far.

Can we be good for another 127 years? Please?

One mother to another,

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Madeline said...

We get tornadoes here sometimes, and they terrify me. I've always been lucky enough to live in areas where the tornadoes "jump" us. Still...very scary. I hope y'all get your 127 years!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Aw, poor boy. And poor you! Tornadoes are so scary because they spring up fast and do so much damage. I'm glad you guys are OK!

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